Ecological and Cheap: The Most Effective Mosquito Protection That We All Have at Home!

In order to be environmentally conscious and instead of using various chemical assets, in the fight against stressful mosquitoes – use coffee grounds!

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), besides that you can use it for fertilizing plants and peeling skin, dried-up coffee grounds or grounded coffee is super-effective mosquito prevent.

Mosquitoes and other insects, totally rejects the smell created by coffee grounds which burns! In the following you can see how to do it.

Note: You can also use regular ground coffee but the dried-up coffee grounds are better.


1. Collect coffee grounds and put it on aluminum foil on a plate. Put it in a cool, dry place, till it become completely dry.

2. Put the plate on an open air, on a flat surface such as a table. Ensure that the animals or children do not have access to this area.

3. Burn the coffee ground with a long lighter (to avoid burning), until it starting to releases smoke.

4. While burning slowly, the smoke that is created will reject mosquitoes.

Another way is, shape a long trace of the coffee grounds. Light the grounds on one end and it will burn slowly.

This simple trick works great.

Here’s a great advice of one of our readers: Put fresh bay leaf instead of pills in electric appliance mosquito. Worth a try!

In addition to mosquitoes, you can use coffee in the fight with ants.

Sprinkle ground coffee in a place hole where you have problems with ants and the problem is solved.